I’m Simone, born in Vicenza in the late eighties. I define myself as a perfectionist, outgoing and thoughtful. A dreamer but at the same time very realistic. Photography has always been part of my life ever since my father gave me a Polaroid as a gift, unaware that it would only be the beginning of a life’s work..

I’m Francesca, Italian-French, born in ‘89. If I had to choose three adjectives that represent me I would say: spontaneous, tireless and volcanic. I chose to be a wedding photographer because I understood the powerful artistic expression of a camera and I like the idea of showing the world my idea of “Love”..

A couple at work but also in life. Working together to photograph and film weddings around the world. Classmates in elementary school, we live surrounded by the beauty of Italy, a land full of charm, full of colors and scents. We love small details like the aroma of coffee, the sound of the sea and fresh flowers. We like to travel, to know cultures and traditions different from ours.